среда, 26 марта 2014 г.

Yesterday our team organized a lesson in environmental protection in the local school. Classes are held all day and was attended by students from 7th to 10th grades . One of the tasks was to plant a kitchen garden. Were chosen for this plant seeds that we use every day in the kitchen : dill, basil, lemon balm, beans, corn, parsley, lettuce, tomatoes and many others. Children selected seeds, planted them, and signed his name . When the seeds germinate , they are transplanted into the ground and the kids will have their own vegetable garden. The children were very passionate about it, everyone really wanted to put their own plant.More on this lesson the children learned how to recycle old paper newspaper. In this way, make paper in the world, including Nepal. To do this, cut it into small pieces and put water. When paper gets wet, you need to beat blender and add the paint. Then you need to take a grid stretched over a frame and
smooth papier-mache on the grid . Through the tissue removed any excess water is removed mesh, paper is placed on the paper is left to dry. The next day you have a beautiful sheet of paper that can be used for hand-made, and many other things. The kids loved the idea of ​​doing something hands, they did a very neat and nice sheets. In the near future we will tell children how to sort garbage, for this we will hold class in the form of games.

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