среда, 7 мая 2014 г.

"Let's do it!"

In the end of April, in Lithuania held action "Darom" ("Let's do it"). In Salakas it lasted two days. On Thursday, pupils were engaged in cleaning, attended by all children, even the smallest. Some of the children were cleaning "Salako pilkapis" ("Mounds of Salakas"). Burial of ancient people 9-14 centuries AD located near Salakas, as well as throughout the country. Lithuania adopted Christianity very late and pagan warriors buried with horses and arms. Burial near to our town has about 200 graves, which are well preserved. Mounds of Salakas not investigated and management of the park wants to invite scientists to create research. To facilitate the work of scientists, need to clear the graves of branches and small trees. And these children were engaged at a volunteer. But the area is large and there is still a lot of work. 

In addition, we were cleaning the forest. We do this several times a week, because unfortunately a lot of trash in the woods. More than half the garbage is plastic, lots of glass, cans of beer, household garbage. Earlier in Lithuania were bought all the empty bottles, but now taking much less types of glass. Without recycling all forest harvesting activities are incomplete, because the garbage continues to decompose in landfills and poisoning the environment. Furthermore, some plastics are decomposed millions of years. The only solution is recycling, as well as reducing the amount of packaging. Often the packaging is completely useless and only serves to advertise. From next year in Lithuania will buy cans and it's a little to improve the situation, but must recycling all the garbage.

среда, 23 апреля 2014 г.

On-arrival training. Part 2.

Third day. Day started with the fact that we studied phases of volunteering. As with any long-term volunteering activity has psychological stages. Most people first feel homesick and confuse. Then they go into a stage of euphoria and state "I can do everything". Then may come sharply stage of apathy and depression. Comes after steady state in which a person interprets his volunteer experience, reconciled with the difficulties and summarizes. Each group was given the task to come up with tips to volunteers that are in different phases. Working together we have come up with a real mini -guide on the emotions, which can help in difficult moments and to determine the phase in which you are now. After we went hiking in Trakai. We had a task  to make own route using a map and compass. During the day we saw almost everything that can be seen in Lithuania (except the sea and a beer =)).
We saw the lake, bright boats and houses, forests, swamps, single houses and villages, flowering gardens, mingle with the locals and friendly dogs. At the end of the tour we saw a medieval castle. Unfortunately, we did not get inside, but this is another reason to come to Trakai again.We waited for the evening sauna. I waited for her especially because it was an opportunity to cure my cold. Many guys jumped into the lake after a sauna that was a good culmination of this contrast and rich with experience training.Fourth day. Morning, we talked a little bit about our experiences and perceptions of training. Each issued its of the three days. Then we talked about some of the formal aspects of EVS, about insurance and et cetera. Very sad to leave the cozy place and fun company, but it is only the beginning, we will meet again!

вторник, 22 апреля 2014 г.

On-arrival training

First day. April 9 to 12, me and Sergio participated in the on-arrival training. For training 14 volunteers came from all over Lithuania. There were guys from Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Italy, Spain and France. Our training was conducted in a very picturesque place on the shores of lake near Vilnius. After lunch, we got together to write the strong and weak sides of our project and find out what opportunities we get in the draft . Fortunately, the strong sides I counted more. That day I finally became better acquainted with Lithuanian culture, because in the evening we all cooked together Lithuanian national dishes and dancing folk dances. I learned to cook awesome beet soup which is my favorite color pink! 

Second day. Breakfast that day was awesome as well, and on the other days. Bit strange that our training menu was vegetarian all the time, although it is useful. We talked again about EVS. We were divided into 4 groups and were asked to make a collage with our EVS expectations. Our group did a very funny collage, we showed how volunteering is seen by our friends, family, strangers, Lithuanians, mentors, ourselves, and et cetera. It was very lively and laid-back story about EVS. During a break, we went boating. In my opinion, these events bring together better than training because being in the middle of the lake people act as a team. Then we talked about the EVS as a way of non-formal learning and debating about what type of learning is better: non-formal or formal. Sure, it's difficult to reach agreement on this issue, the truth is in the middle. It's impossible to learn at a chemist or biologist using only creative teaching methods, but the old formal technique is also not ideal. In the evening, after dinner was the most fun event of the training, we gather to dance and sing karaoke. It is difficult to describe in words the feelings and emotions, but that night I opened up. Thanks to everyone who was in the evening with me. Singing together is something unforgettable!

To be contuned!

вторник, 15 апреля 2014 г.

Compost boxes

Today we finished the first serious work in the park. Immediately after my arrival, I was asked to draw a design for compost boxes. These boxes should not only decorate the courtyard of our office and serve as a repository of compost, but to fulfill an educational function. Vytas suggested the idea to one of the boxes to make a window with glass. Children and their parents will be able to see the process of composting, you need only open the door. The door on the window needed, because composting worms do not like light.
I had to come up with the best possible friendly design to interest children. Local master Zenonas helps us to make boxes. He is a very nice, intelligent man with a great knowledge in working with wood. Unaccustomed me and Sergio cut fingers, but it did not spoil our enjoyment. I worked for the first time with wood and I liked it! First we sawed boards and painted boxes, then on a special machine carved figurines of insects and fungi. Then we went to manually cut and painted their figures. Once we installed the boxes in the yard office, we stuck to them our decor. Now all organic waste, which

produces our office will accumulate in boxes and benefit.
In the future we will establish houses for insects on the compost boxes.

понедельник, 14 апреля 2014 г.

Meeting with volunteer from Zarasai.

In the regional park Grazute came to visit EVS volunteer from the nearby town Zarasai. Her name is Eugene, she is from Kirov, Russia. We met in Moscow when we were getting a visa. There are two volunteers in Zarasai - she and Martin from Spain. They work at the local library, which is a cultural center and museum of the city. In addition to working with books, they are organizing cultural activities and festivals. Lithuanians are very careful to national traditions, paying much attention to the popularization of folk culture among youth. I showed my friend our park, acquainted with my work  and other volunteers.

Our mentor Vytas took us on a tour of the surrounding area Zarasai. First we stopped at the mill, which was reconstructed by the locals. Hosts make themselves flour as it did hundreds of years ago the local peasants. They sell flour, bread, national bake, for example their cafe have biscuits with spices. We met there a lot of tourists who are interested in the traditions and cuisine of Lithuania. Then we went to look at one s oldest oaks Europe Stelmužė oak (Stelmužės ąžuolas). Its age is estimated at 1500 years. The tree survived several eras in the history of the region may have seen the Crusaders. In 1960 Stelmužė oak was declared a natural monument and is included in the number of protected sites in Lithuania. Oak height is 23 meters, and if you climb the trunk up to 3 meters, then it reaches a girth of 13.5 meters. Behind a tree being constant care and supervision. Now there is fence around the oak, which does not allow tourists to the zone roots. When summer comes, I will gather acorns to plant in the city of the same oak.

среда, 26 марта 2014 г.

Yesterday our team organized a lesson in environmental protection in the local school. Classes are held all day and was attended by students from 7th to 10th grades . One of the tasks was to plant a kitchen garden. Were chosen for this plant seeds that we use every day in the kitchen : dill, basil, lemon balm, beans, corn, parsley, lettuce, tomatoes and many others. Children selected seeds, planted them, and signed his name . When the seeds germinate , they are transplanted into the ground and the kids will have their own vegetable garden. The children were very passionate about it, everyone really wanted to put their own plant.More on this lesson the children learned how to recycle old paper newspaper. In this way, make paper in the world, including Nepal. To do this, cut it into small pieces and put water. When paper gets wet, you need to beat blender and add the paint. Then you need to take a grid stretched over a frame and
smooth papier-mache on the grid . Through the tissue removed any excess water is removed mesh, paper is placed on the paper is left to dry. The next day you have a beautiful sheet of paper that can be used for hand-made, and many other things. The kids loved the idea of ​​doing something hands, they did a very neat and nice sheets. In the near future we will tell children how to sort garbage, for this we will hold class in the form of games.

суббота, 22 марта 2014 г.

Earth's Day

March 20th the world celebrates Earth Day . Our team visited the festival , which was organized by students and teachers from local schools . Teams participated quizzes , games , singing folk songs , tongue twisters read speed. One of the objectives was to guess the birds through the verses that was encrypted to their singing . Local children know very many votes of birds , it's just amazing! On this holiday Sergio talked about Spain and his hometown Lorca . Employees of the regional park are working closely with the school , conducting classes in the environment and activities . In the lobby of the school stood birdhouses that made children and soon to be hanged in the woods.