среда, 7 мая 2014 г.

"Let's do it!"

In the end of April, in Lithuania held action "Darom" ("Let's do it"). In Salakas it lasted two days. On Thursday, pupils were engaged in cleaning, attended by all children, even the smallest. Some of the children were cleaning "Salako pilkapis" ("Mounds of Salakas"). Burial of ancient people 9-14 centuries AD located near Salakas, as well as throughout the country. Lithuania adopted Christianity very late and pagan warriors buried with horses and arms. Burial near to our town has about 200 graves, which are well preserved. Mounds of Salakas not investigated and management of the park wants to invite scientists to create research. To facilitate the work of scientists, need to clear the graves of branches and small trees. And these children were engaged at a volunteer. But the area is large and there is still a lot of work. 

In addition, we were cleaning the forest. We do this several times a week, because unfortunately a lot of trash in the woods. More than half the garbage is plastic, lots of glass, cans of beer, household garbage. Earlier in Lithuania were bought all the empty bottles, but now taking much less types of glass. Without recycling all forest harvesting activities are incomplete, because the garbage continues to decompose in landfills and poisoning the environment. Furthermore, some plastics are decomposed millions of years. The only solution is recycling, as well as reducing the amount of packaging. Often the packaging is completely useless and only serves to advertise. From next year in Lithuania will buy cans and it's a little to improve the situation, but must recycling all the garbage.

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