среда, 23 апреля 2014 г.

On-arrival training. Part 2.

Third day. Day started with the fact that we studied phases of volunteering. As with any long-term volunteering activity has psychological stages. Most people first feel homesick and confuse. Then they go into a stage of euphoria and state "I can do everything". Then may come sharply stage of apathy and depression. Comes after steady state in which a person interprets his volunteer experience, reconciled with the difficulties and summarizes. Each group was given the task to come up with tips to volunteers that are in different phases. Working together we have come up with a real mini -guide on the emotions, which can help in difficult moments and to determine the phase in which you are now. After we went hiking in Trakai. We had a task  to make own route using a map and compass. During the day we saw almost everything that can be seen in Lithuania (except the sea and a beer =)).
We saw the lake, bright boats and houses, forests, swamps, single houses and villages, flowering gardens, mingle with the locals and friendly dogs. At the end of the tour we saw a medieval castle. Unfortunately, we did not get inside, but this is another reason to come to Trakai again.We waited for the evening sauna. I waited for her especially because it was an opportunity to cure my cold. Many guys jumped into the lake after a sauna that was a good culmination of this contrast and rich with experience training.Fourth day. Morning, we talked a little bit about our experiences and perceptions of training. Each issued its of the three days. Then we talked about some of the formal aspects of EVS, about insurance and et cetera. Very sad to leave the cozy place and fun company, but it is only the beginning, we will meet again!

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