вторник, 15 апреля 2014 г.

Compost boxes

Today we finished the first serious work in the park. Immediately after my arrival, I was asked to draw a design for compost boxes. These boxes should not only decorate the courtyard of our office and serve as a repository of compost, but to fulfill an educational function. Vytas suggested the idea to one of the boxes to make a window with glass. Children and their parents will be able to see the process of composting, you need only open the door. The door on the window needed, because composting worms do not like light.
I had to come up with the best possible friendly design to interest children. Local master Zenonas helps us to make boxes. He is a very nice, intelligent man with a great knowledge in working with wood. Unaccustomed me and Sergio cut fingers, but it did not spoil our enjoyment. I worked for the first time with wood and I liked it! First we sawed boards and painted boxes, then on a special machine carved figurines of insects and fungi. Then we went to manually cut and painted their figures. Once we installed the boxes in the yard office, we stuck to them our decor. Now all organic waste, which

produces our office will accumulate in boxes and benefit.
In the future we will establish houses for insects on the compost boxes.

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