вторник, 22 апреля 2014 г.

On-arrival training

First day. April 9 to 12, me and Sergio participated in the on-arrival training. For training 14 volunteers came from all over Lithuania. There were guys from Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Italy, Spain and France. Our training was conducted in a very picturesque place on the shores of lake near Vilnius. After lunch, we got together to write the strong and weak sides of our project and find out what opportunities we get in the draft . Fortunately, the strong sides I counted more. That day I finally became better acquainted with Lithuanian culture, because in the evening we all cooked together Lithuanian national dishes and dancing folk dances. I learned to cook awesome beet soup which is my favorite color pink! 

Second day. Breakfast that day was awesome as well, and on the other days. Bit strange that our training menu was vegetarian all the time, although it is useful. We talked again about EVS. We were divided into 4 groups and were asked to make a collage with our EVS expectations. Our group did a very funny collage, we showed how volunteering is seen by our friends, family, strangers, Lithuanians, mentors, ourselves, and et cetera. It was very lively and laid-back story about EVS. During a break, we went boating. In my opinion, these events bring together better than training because being in the middle of the lake people act as a team. Then we talked about the EVS as a way of non-formal learning and debating about what type of learning is better: non-formal or formal. Sure, it's difficult to reach agreement on this issue, the truth is in the middle. It's impossible to learn at a chemist or biologist using only creative teaching methods, but the old formal technique is also not ideal. In the evening, after dinner was the most fun event of the training, we gather to dance and sing karaoke. It is difficult to describe in words the feelings and emotions, but that night I opened up. Thanks to everyone who was in the evening with me. Singing together is something unforgettable!

To be contuned!

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